“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” – Henry Ford


We are OneBatch, a product procurement company that prides ourselves on listening to your needs, collaborating with you, and working together to find tailored solutions to your procurement, shipping and installation needs.

Our Mission

OneBatch is an asset that real estate developers can use to decrease their expected expenses while achieving higher equity at the completion of their projects.

Our Core Values

OneBatch operates based on our passion for design, building trust relationships, and establishing long-term collaborations.

Our Promise

We deliver cost-effective solutions and a streamlined experience to our clientele of smart, passionate, and successful real estate developers.

Our Story

We know design. We know international trade. In fact, we combined them to provide you with a superior solution to sourcing, product managing and saving.

At OneBatch, we believe there is a better way to build and furnish real estate developments. There is a more resourceful way to buy, where developers and investors end up with more equity for less (and on higher-end products). We are passionate about this and our mission is to make up-sourcing in international trade more accessible through focusing on design, quality, and long-term collaborations worldwide. Our teams – within countries who manufacture and import – understand the language barriers, technical, and shipping concerns that newcomers to international trading face and we see that as an opportunity. We are excited to simplify and streamline international trade for our clients who are driven, smart, and passionate – who continuously seek to realize their dreams to the fullest potential.

We believe in the transformative power of combining design and international trade, and – most importantly – in the incredible power of having the right people supporting you.

Good services and good relationships are the result of successful collaborations. We are excited to start a dialogue, learn about you, and grow together.

Our Founder

Although we find it hard to believe now, there was a time when OneBatch was never meant to be a procurement service company. In its inception, OneBatch was meant to be one single person – Kevin Li – helping others.

Before OneBatch was founded in 2018, Kevin was working at an architecture firm in Winnipeg, Canada. One of the firm’s clients, a real estate developer, knew the importance and value of international trade, decreased competition, longer product lifespan, and appreciated benefiting from currency exchange and increased revenues.

However, the client did not have any connections or resources to look for products, arrange shipments, and avoid being scammed from overseas “manufacturers”. There was no company that could solve this problem for him. Kevin knew these roadblocks well and decided to draw on the resources from his parents’ decades of experience working in the import and export industry.

He brought together a community of trusted individuals – across 6 different countries – who possessed years of experience in home furnishing and trading. This small community transformed into a small procurement firm and led us to the valued clients we work with to this day.

Our Growth

After our first project, we shifted focus to finding the right manufacturers for our clients. All of the products bear the proper certifications from recognized Canadian certification authorities and abide by Canadian installation standards. As a result, our product offerings and categories grew in number. We realized that it was not just the products that mattered to our clients but also the installation process. As such, we started making improvements and adding to our core services to maintain our promise of always being an asset to our clients. Did we mention, we are also hiring tradespeople/companies?

Where does the name "OneBatch" come from?

OneBatch was inspired by our dream to become one entity that takes care of our clients’ trading needs and ambitions under one roof. We work to identify and verify the legitimacy of manufacturers, place orders and perform quality control, pack and ship goods, take care of customs, deliver products on-site, and maintain the manufacturer warranties on those products. From the very beginning, we were passionate about being a simple solution in the chaotic real estate development industry